A Deep Dive: Jon Lootz - White Lie

WHITE LIE - Today's track of the day takes a more personal hit. I hardly break character as writes are supposed to do, but with this one, it's quite hard not too. I personally as well as many people I know have dealt with suicide at one point and time in their life. Whether it be personally with their own thoughts, a family or friends, and the worst outcome...actually having lost someone to the tragedy that is Suicide. One artist by the name of Jon lootz has become a favorite over here at VIOL-ENT for his introspective music that he constantly releases. This one was more heartfelt than i originally knew it was going to be. Jon is still with us, but he took his time with his latest single "White Lie" to detail his battle with depression and thoughts of suicide. A thought he's kept from many of his friends and family, explaining that some people believe that he has everything in line, but may not know the struggle he's going through. The sad thoughts that if he were to go, he thinks no one would notice. The feelings that his mental state keeps telling him, knowing that he may want change, but it's harder than it seems...keeping a white lie. Jon I can tell you as well as everyone else that deals with these problems, there is a golden ending that doesn't involve taking your life. Through talking to yo, Iu know that this was more a thing to free your self from the current mental clutches, as well to let others out there know there are others with them. There's no way I can really review this song, I can only put into perspective to everyone out there that the hurt and anguish we all go through can take time to get over but, there will be a time that it all turns tides for the better. Speaking from personal experience her without getting into various detail, just know there are many people here for everyone with these thoughts out there, whether that be through hotlines, therapy, friends, family, or even us here at VIOL-ENT - thee are always people here to talk to , and talking to someone will be the beginning of the route to happiness. Love to everyone out there, posiitivity, and prayers no matter what you believe in, there will be better times & everything will truly be alright. For more music from Jon Lootz, and everything VIOL-ENT keep it locked right here.

If You Need Somone To Talk To:

Suicide Prevention Hotline: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org / 1-800-273-8255

Kids Help Phone: https://kidshelpphone.ca

Our Email: Violated.emtertainment@gmail.com



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