Album Release: Velvet Society - First Love

Velvet Society - First Love: It's been almost two years since VIOL-ENT has done an official album release for any of our artists. The team took time to shift them selves into remarkable positions individually, gaining experiences to create some of the best art possible. Regrouping to establish an extensive library ready to distribute via the label, with a more mature but VIOL-ENT vision. We are proud to say we are back to give our loyal and new found VIOL-ENT lifers everything they've requested, including some new additions to the company as a whole.

Highlighting a member who has been with VIOL-ENT Records for 4 years now, beginning his journey formerly known as Koeflvxxx. We present, Velvet Society's debut Album - First Love. We feel this is truly an orchestrated masterpiece purely based on the emotion Velvet has displayed throughout the entire Album. Sonically telling a story that will draw you into some of his deepest experiences throughout his journey these last two years. With pride we present: Velvet Society - First Love

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