[ALBUM] VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 96: Bad Habiits - GHOST


" GHOST \ˈgōst\

(1) An apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image.

(1.1) A faint secondary image caused by a fault in an optical system, duplicate signal transmission, etc.

(1.2) A slight trace or vestige of something.

(1.3) Bad Habiits. "

Week 96's VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive is a little more special than most, and we're very proud to have finally mad eit here. Today mark's the release of a long-awaited, planned, and structured Album from one of our best kept secrets on VIOL-ENT Records. The Album Name, GHOST. The producer? None other than the obscure mind that is Bad Habiits. We have been curating this project with Habiits for over two years now fitting in the right songs, and then knocking down and rearranging the whole thing constantly. s the Album grew & shrunk, Habiits was only getting better and more abstract with his music. Pulling from so many life experiences, molding them into music pieces that hit you to your core with or without lyrics, it was a constant theme of understanding and raw emotion that could be felt with every new release. Then he was gone, leaving only a slight trace of himself. He was essentially a Ghost.

With minimal communication, a stacked library, & and the occasional new rlease out of the blue...Habiits tasked us to compile and share his story as best as we could with the tools he gave us. The difficulty with this was the clear connection within the narrative of the songs, but the styles no matter the genre were the polar opposite. We slowly noticed the progression from happier sounds productions, morphing into darker and heavier hitting tracks, the contrast became clear. We knew the story, and all we could do was package it and send it out to the world in this specific order. Though it may be one reflection of Habiits out of many, He has given us the nod of approval, & we know you will as well.

Take your time with this one, it's full of energies that may influence you in a way you never imagined. From the Ghost himself, & the team here @ VIOL-ENT, please enjoy the debut album from Bad Habiits, GHOST


Produced By: Bad Habiits

Mix & Mastered By: Bad Habiits

Executive Producers: Andrew Blair, D JiTubz

Writers: Raynadayz, Sleeepy, BAGGA

Album Artwork: Andrew Blair





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