Euphoria Sessions: Episode 10 - ALIGNED

A Message From VIOL-ENT: Euphoria Collective is now officially our sister label to VIOL-ENT Records! Expect a lot to come with this collaboration, as EC is already making moves on their own. Feature blog posts, new music, mixes, & way more to come very soon! VIOL-ENT is only continuing to get bigger, and we're super thankful for all the support everyone of our VIOL-ENT lifers provide! Keep locked in with VIOL-ENT for the latest!


Euphoria Sessions - ALIGNED : Its good to be home. I was away at Shambhala Music Festival last weekend so I couldn't upload a mix so my apologies.

Here is my tenth episode thanks to a Sudbury, Ontario local that goes by the name ALIGNED. Sending all the wubs through the airwaves with this unreal 27 min dubstep/trap/dnb mix!



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