Euphoria Sessions: Episode 13 - Oh Yody

ECE13: Euphoria Sessions - Oh Yody - Cody “Oh Yody” McMahon hails from small town Orangeville, Ontario and has been DJ’ing at clubs and parties for the past 3 years. Cody has always had a passion for music which spans across all genres from dubstep to tech-house and has recently delved into the production side of things.

Cody has a knack for dropping dirty wobbles and giving steppers that classic bassface and has already broken into the Toronto dubstep scene. Especially as of lately when he's been one of of the up and comer locals; hand picked by Toronto Bass Community for play their local monthly 'Low Frequency' and already has had the pleasure of playing two of their shows. Enjoy something a little different with all the feely feels.



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