Thursday, July 21st was filled with new experiences and great times, among some great people as local talent. VIOL-ENT hosted a boat party alongside Euphoria Collective, and it was one of our summer highlights thus far. Never having hosted much less been to a boat party before I personally didn't know what to expect, or if people would really even make it there before we set sail. My mind on the way there was full of the regular pre-show thoughts with the slight addition of being that one person who got seasick in the back of my mind.

We were informed before we got on the boat about 200 tickets were already gone and since the party was free entry, there could only be more coming along. Analyzing the calm before the inevitable storm, I positioned myself to find the best areas for shots while Toronto DJ Electronick warmed up the deck. As people started filing in I could tell tonight was going to be eventful, already dancing as they make their way on the people of Toronto were ready to groove the night away.

We set sail as DJ's Monterio & Colle provided a beautiful soundtrack while the Toronto skyline slowly passed into the distance. As the speakers got louder the people got crazier, breaking out their best two-steps, cutting shapes more shapes than my nan would when making christmas cookies. it was like a grown and sexy high school party, everyone was able to enjoy their brews and smokes while never missing any of the action.

As the sun set the techno vibes got darker and deeper. Theres something about being in the middle of a lake jamming the that constant heart thumping bass at 125bpm that just get to you. Strangers were mingling, dancing in unison, and just being free - creating a magnificent vibe had for anyone to shake. With the final acts RandomDoug, Jeremy Stott, & Jerome Andrew closing out the night, it was bittersweet as we passed Toronto's beautiful skyline once again coming back to the pier. All in all it was an amazing & we thank all the DJ's who participated, and of course all of our wonderful VIOL-ENT lifers who made it out to the event! We'll be doing another one again sometime soon so as always, be on the look out for us!



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