Eyes On: The UK’s Latest Flame, Chido Mya.

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Introducing our latest artist series "Eyes On", focused on putting the spotlight on not only the artists' music but the artist themselves. We aim to use this series to reach all over the world with no bias, with the only objective of bringing amazing talent to the distinguished music lover, willing to expand their horizons that much more.

The first artist we've chosen is none other than Birmingham England's very own Chido Mya. A soulful, energetic, young face in the R&B and Pop music scene; we've had our eyes on her from the first record shown to us. Although not being directly involved with Chido, we discovered her from VIOL-ENT's very own Finch Fetti. When he found Chido he assured us that she will be a rising star, and with the right lane, she would for sure become a star within the scene. A thought he truly believed as our VIOL-ENT family now owns the UK based label WINDEMERE Records, with none other than Chido Mya on the roster.

Recently Chido has released her first full-length project titled "What's Cooler Than Dreaming", a very bright & soulful sounding project. Mixed with elements of Afrobeats, Pop, Hip-Hop, & what we would call UK R&B, different from western R&B where their style is more can have more bounce and a vibe that still hits the heart with the content of the record. Not a far shot from her debut EP "No Time To Spare" in 2018, but more polished and refined without any doubt. We can clearly hear the growth of the artist not only from the production value but from the content as well. That's something to be said content-wise, seeing as Chido's music comes off as quite mature, although she is currently only 16. She is way ahead of her years, and we can only imagine the subject matter she will bring the table next, as this is only the beginning for her.

With a catalogue that holds 18 records as well as covers and some singles on Soundcloud, we've seen the variety that she can provide to the scene and the range she has. We can hear her influences in her music, from great artists like Mahalia & Jorja Smith, but we all get hints of Lily Allen and the aura around Khelanis music. The real reason we have our eyes on Chido is, her ability to have these artists' DNA embedded in her musical talent while still being able to stand out amongst the rest with her own voice that can be easily distinguishable. We have high hopes and offer high praise for the future of Chido Mya, and we'll be sure to reach out to her soon and dive a bit deeper into who the artist truly is! For that content and more Eyes On pieces be sure to check back with us here, on all our socials, or by joining the VIOL-ENT app from the link below!

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