Natalie Kills Any Doubt With Her Latest Single “Fatal Attraction”

It was only a couple of years ago that we covered Blue Jungle by Natalie for our Track of The Day series, and since then we’ve been waiting for the next song to pop up on our radar. Her last EP SUCCUBUS was definitely not one to look over, especially when it comes to such a spacey and melodic underground R&B artist.

Fatal Attraction is a story one would only assume is about Natalie herself, but the subject matter of the record speaks to anyone that has gone through a similar time in their life. "Call Me 4 AM on the FaceTime, you saying anything so I stay the night" as an opening line is a statement that easily connects to the audience. As mentioned earlier, it resonates, putting anyone who has gone through a toxic relationship with someone back in those shoes. The lyrical content of the record continues to paint a vivid picture of the events that can happen within a less than savory relationship. The situation and the way it was all tied together in Fatal Attraction gives light to the progression Natalie has through as an artist, being able to frame and paint a picture at a higher level than we've heard from her before.

Produced by Alex Agresti and James McDermott the instrumental provides a moody atmosphere while using simple breaks with only a few notes to build intensity was an amazing choice. Coupled with the mix from Eddie Priest, everything has been layered to perfection. The subtle use of panning matches the spacial & atmospheric vibe that the record looked to achieve, the vocal effects used on the adlibs to make them sound as if they're synths themselves add to the instrumental, and the choice to use space at the right time within the arrangement - gave the entire song a solid sound making this an easy addition to your library and our Spotify Playlist!

Natalie is able to balance hints of old school R&B with the new school deep, intrinsic, and moody sound we have today. As she's progressing on her musical journey, finding her self and her sound - we hear the growth immediately, mapped with a successful road ahead. Her choices of cadence, instrumentals, & the way she can put a story together are Natalie's ultimate strengths - sure to benefit her for the bright future to come. We're excited to hear more from Natalie, and we believe you should be too! For more new music from underground artists, and all the latest always come back and check out the VIOL-ENT Blog!

Check Out "Fatal Attraction" by Natalie here on our "Hand Selected" Spotify Playlist:

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