Get Lost In OHHH GAWD's Latest EP "Time & Space"

OHHH GAWD - "Time & Space": Known for his Chicago juke influenced trap music, Ohhh Gawd is one of the longest standing and active members of the VIOL-ENT Records roster. He's constantly releasing new and exciting projects that have given him a cult like fanbase, as well as notable collaborations with other producers like Lex Luger. Always looking to one up himself this time around he surprised even us at the label with his latest EP submission, "Time & Space".

Time & Space is a short but sweet two track EP sure to have an entire club two-stepping, the surprise this time's all House. Ohhh Gawd may have switched up the genre for this project, but he did not fail to bring his A game in any sense. The first track Bodies is a smooth up beat journey, prepping you in time for whats next to come. The solid rhythm and flow of this tune easily grabs the listener, coaxing you into a simple sway & groove. Reignite, reminds us of old school 90's Chicago House music, taking us back to this "Chi-Town" native's roots. It's almost impossible not to give into this track vibe the moment it drops. The melody, the groove & two-step immediately ensued, and the lasting feeling this song gives you is priceless. This may be a new outlook for OHHH GAWD, but it's refreshing and we're excited for more surprises!

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