New EP • Jon Lootz: But, I Hope You're Okay Too

But, I Hope You're Okay Too - The Mississauga artist Jon Lootz is back with his official release of "But,I Hope You're Okay Too". The EP follows suit with the single release of Boy Meets World, filled with intoxicating boom bap acoustic beats, topped off with the storytelling bars of Lootz. This is the perfect EP for the winter months, a mix of chill & relaxed vibes alongside upbeat, bright, & thoughtful tunes. About A Girl & Boy Meets World follows a similar story about getting the girl and the constant thoughts of what it'd be like to finally get well as the stark reality of not being able to reach her. The interlude that follows is a further view of the plot, but this seems to be more a showcase of lootz' talent. His ability to form a beautiful melody out of the blue, right after providing strictly bars. "Play" focuses more on the powers struggle when it comes to courtship, but Lootz continues to find a way to keep the narrative fresh and exciting. Ending the EP is a deeper look into self and a telling of Lootz himself. Never Say Never Is possibly our favorite track at this current time, simply because it's raw emotion, we feel Lootz and can relate across the board just by listening...a true tell of a storyteller.For more of the latest music, news, and entertainment from the underground...always keep it lock into VIOL-ENT.




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