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Midnight Viewz - It's been nearly a year since the last official release from VIOL-ENT's youngest and by far one of the most talented artists on our label, Raynadayz. June 19th, 2017 marked the day we at VIOL-ENT knew would only be the beginning for Raynadayz, as there was so much raw talent in her there were no bounds as to what she would come up with next. At 16 years old she writes, sings, raps, produces, mixes, & masters nearly every single song she's ever created...something we've never seen at this level in VIOL-ENT. The nature of her content alone has shocked us over the years and it's constantly hard to believe that such emotion comes from such a young bright soul. The pain, the happiness, the will to continue and provide everything in every format possible remains astonishing, & now on her sophomore release nothing has changed - only elevated.

What started as a project she released on her own, we were shocked she didn't feel it was EP material. She labeled it a mixtape, but we had to package this and ship it off as her sophomore project because we know this isn't the peak of her's honestly the beginning of her true self and musical identity. Midnight Viewz is an emotional rollercoaster to put things lightly, as every single song brings you into the mid and the mind of Raynadayz. As it begins you feel as if things will be light and cheerful, but the contet in "Sun Will Shine Again, My Friend" is deeper than it appears. Setting the stage and tone for the rest of the project. "No Teddy Bearz" is the only song on this EP with a feature from an underground artist by the name Lil Bear. It feels as if they are having a conversation, where Lil Bear sets the stage, Rayandayz responds. The instrumental chimes in with what sounds like a phone dialing, giving the illusion right before the chorus hit that this is a phone call, ending with Rayna saying "You know what" and a dial tone bringing everything full circle. As we continue to "A Life That's Been Loved" she is able to evoke that cheerful vibe, but the content remains as emotional. As if now that she has the space to think freely and put everything into perspective, her true responses come to light. With lines like "Time will tell you too, this is what broken people do" & "I love people who I Lose, and I wanna choose who goes and who stays, everybody stays, nobody goes"; this begins to become apparent. Airing out all her final thoughts and feelings we are able to truly understand what she has been going through and thinking of so strongly. As the EP finishes we are given the beautiful but dark song "Until it's Too Late" produced by 𝕯𝖊ȿ𝖔ℓ𝖆ȶ𝖊. The song hits home as much as anything Rayna has ever released. The clear notion of ending it all it, is very in your face especially with the chorus of "People like me don't live long", we are all taken to a place where we've been before of true sadness, & hurt. While we can assure everyone Raynadayz is fine, this was one of the things we know prompted her to take a leave of absence from music for some months as she took time to herself to heal and think of everything she needed to do.

This was a stark reminder for us all that we need to take care of our mental health before anything else, and though we may use many vices whether it be music, therapy, or something a bit heavier...we all need to take care of ourselves most in this world. For us to learn and be reminded of this by such a young soul was something we all carry to this day. Raynadayz has returned stronger than ever, and we can assure you all that she will continue to remind us to think of ourselves and those around us with extreme compassion and empathy. Midnight Viewz is a project that will stick to all of our hearts, and we're positive it will stick with all of those who listen. From everyone at VIOL-ENT and Raynadayz, we wish you all bright futures and love all the way through them.

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Credits: Executive Producers: Rayna Frayji, Raynadayz, Andrew Blair, DJ iTubz Writers: Rayna Frayji, Raynadayz, Lil Bear Producers: Rayna Frayji, Raynadayz, 𝕯𝖊ȿ𝖔ℓ𝖆ȶ𝖊 Mix & Mastered By: Rayna Frayji & Raynadayz Album Artwork: Tyler Medford & Andrew Blair


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