New Heat • Jon Lootz - BoyMeetsWorld

Boy Meets World - Jon Lootz, a Mississauga based rap artist has just released a smooth banger we can't get enough of. The song titled "Boy Meets World" starts with a sample from the 90's TV show by the same name instantly hitting nostalgic feels, while the acoustic guitar hip-hop mixed beat sets a chill tone. Lootz is telling an age-old story of men, being distracted and caught up with beautiful women. His way of storytelling is easily what we like the most about this song second the wordplay. The way Lootz is able to paint a vivid picture is something that's always appreciated within hip-hop, and he nails it. The relatable story is something that everyone can put themselves in both sides of the picture, and we know that's why this song will take off. Be sure to look out for his album "But, I Hope You're Okay Too" dropping December, 27th! For more of the latest music, news, and entertainment from the underground...always keep it locked into VIOL-ENT.




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