The Sweetest Kiwi, Saski!

The Kiwi we're talking about may not be the fuzzy fruit, but she's just as sweet! We're talking about the one and only Saski, one of the latest rising musicians out of New Zealand. We at VIOL-ENT stumbled upon her single Faking Bright late July, and we had to find more. Her vocals quickly had us drifting in and out of euphoria, only to try and marvel at her talent. Bridging Folk music with electronic influences perfectly, theres a unique style that Saski brings to the table, coupled with her voice this make her extremely unique. With the talent we see, its clear to us she will soon cross over to North America and become a well known name. We got in touch with the amazing singer for a quick interview to get to know her a bit better:

Starting off Saski, whats your real name and where are you from?Mikhail Birch and I’m from a small town called Nelson in New Zealand

Whats the meaning behind the name Saski? It’s my middle name just shortened

Whats life like in New Zealand, and what have you been up too recently day to day? It’s pretty busy at the moment I’m currently in the process of moving cities so a lot to organize in such a short space of time.

Do you have any formal schooling with music & do what instruments to do you play? I went to a performing Arts school after high school, for one year and that’s where I became involved in songwriting. I taught myself guitar and basic keys so that I could put a tune to the lyrics I was writing.

How long have you been making music and who are your main influences?

For about 4 years now, however I went to University within that so it’s always been a game of balancing the two. I think main influences for me just being involved in music is due to family. Artists who have influenced me over time have been artists like Bon Iver, James Vincent McMarrow, Lucy Rose, Coldplay, John Mayer = amazing lyrics! Actually there are so many!

What was your drive to bend folk and alternative music with electronic music & do you produce all of your beats?

I love acoustic folk music and recently came to also enjoy listening to upbeat more electronic music so I think naturally they came together in the music I was creating.

Is there an album in the works? No album as of yet. I will keep it at singles and working towards an EP.

How does your style differ from most musicians in New Zealand, & how well is your music received there? New Zealand is pretty supportive of musicians, which is awesome! I think my music isn’t too different… There’s a lot of genres going on in this little country.

Do you ever aspire to cross the pond and make music in North America? Yeah I was there recently in-fact. I would love to go back and if that was for music- WOW!

Where do you see yourself with music in the tail end of the year, and where do you plan on bringing in the future? My plans are to get more music out there and that will be looking like the end of this year, hopefully!


Random Questions, Honest Answers.

Favourite song currently: I’m really enjoying Friends (feat. Bon Iver) at the moment . It’s just super chill.

Favourite colour: That’s tricky, I’m not a one favourite colour type of girl.

Hobbies outside of music: Travelling, photography, exploring cool places, eating..

Your top 3 snacks: Fries, always. Crackers and cheese Chocolate mm


We'd like to thank Saski for being stellar and we wish her the most success! Be sure to check her out on her social platforms, and keep up with her music. as always keep it locked into VIOL-ENT for the latest new, music, & more!


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