VIOL-ENT Artist Exclusive: Raynadayz - Let Me Jump In

Let Me Jump In - Raynadayz has been taking it easy in terms of releases since her debut EP "Ok Cool." in June, but she's clearly been working. Her latest release is titled "Let Me Jump In" and it is synonymous with the vibe we were given on her EP. The musical chameleon that is Raynadayz fuses her Indie style vocals with a smooth electronic beat, forming a sound we can really only attribute to her. The lyrics may be about heartbreak, missed chances, & longing for someone's love; but the instrumental is so infections you can't help but groove. The combo is always key to a Raynadayz production and we're ready for more, because this is surely not the last. Be sure to check out "Raynadayz - Let Me Jump In" on souncloud, and stay updated with VIOL-ENT for all the latest music, fashion, and news!




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