VIOL-ENT Exclusive: Nick Racz - LIFE & DEATH [Mixtape]

LIFE & DEATH - Nick Racz has been relatively selective with music releases since his debut mixtape "10-65". We've only heard a handful of singles released, but with each new song, one thing has been clear, progress. Of the handful of singles released its shown through the plays and fan reactions, he's clearly on to something that's working. Aside from this not much is really known about Racz. Where as a lot of rappers now are all over social media flaunting prescription drugs, bundles of cash, and making memes of themselves, Racz seems some what "anti-social". To the public that can be clear, but behind the scenes, the VIOL-ENT team has seen Racz grow & evolve through various life trials. From quitting his job to dealing with family & personal issues, Nick has showcased all his emotion & dark thoughts throughout a collection of unreleased music. That collection is brought to you here as his second official mixtape "LIFE & DEATH". The project seems to come together in waves, as it progresses you can feel the high's and low's Racz was going through. It had us questioning the same things as him, our mortality, the real v.s. the fake, and whats really going on around us. While in turn, it has us hungry, ready to go get what we feel we deserve, keeping a tunnel vision on everything we need in life. This is truly the definition of where Racz will go from here, we now have a personality to put to the lyrics and the music we can't get enough of. Be sure to stream "LIFE & DEATH" now on Soundcloud, and be on the lookout for the official download & streaming release coming later this week!

Nick Racz:



Album Credits:

Executive Producers: Nick Raczywolski, Nick Racz, Andrew Blair, DJ iTubz

Engineered By: Nick Raczywolski, Nick Racz

Hosted & Mixed by: DJ iTubz

Writers: Nick Raczywolski, Nick Racz

Producers: Nick Racz, SURO, Fuhrer Cris, JEWFY, Emani, Thundaa, PARISVVS, Kid Ocean, Sunshyne, MiiKXY, SadderTyuken, Aaron Holder

Artwork: Andrew Blair

#VIOLENT #EP #NickRacz

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