VIOL-ENT Music • New Heat: Nick Racz - Myself

Myself - Produced by 4K, “Myself” is a change of pace relative to Racz’s previous single releases. Displaying a faster, more aggressive flow over a heavy hitting piano driven beat, Nick Racz sticks to the typical spit you’d hear in most of his bangers; talking about his day-to-day life with the unique bravado he presents, while mixing in some lyricism, wordplay, and ultimately expressing his superiority in his rap ability. Racz speaks cryptically about multiple scenarios and throughout various bars in the song, leaving a lot of mystery and plenty of room for personal interpretation among listeners. If this song is a statement about what the young 20-year-old artist has in store for the rest of the year, it would be well advised to keep your eyes and ears open for whatever Nick Racz has planned.

Nick Racz:



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