VIOL-ENT PROJECT REVIEW: Litty - Flows 4 the Wait (F4TW)

New Flow [Prod. THZISWAVY] - Litty begins this tape with the track ‘New Flows’ which serves as kind of a warm-up/teaser to her sound which is clearly established throughout the project. The song New Flows which is perfectly titled to fit the theme of the track perfectly displays Litty’s ability to present a variety of catchy flows and deliveries. The beat which is provided by THZISWAVY, is quite dark, minimal and bares for the most part a thumping bass, simple drum rhythm and a soft spacey sounding synth in the background. The beat from THZISWAVY serves a perfect platform for Litty to display her range of flows and cadences. Throughout this song, Litty effortlessly alternates between a more rapid flow where she bounces of each pocket of the instrumental, to a more spacious and relaxed flow, all while still maintaining a soft and melodic delivery with solid lyrics, as she charismatically discusses her abilities and lifestyle.

At points throughout this song it is quite possible to make comparisons between the approach she takes in her harmonies and her ability to alternate between a range of melodic flows to that of Lil Uzi Vert, however, Litty embraces more of a softer R&B influenced tone, instead of the rock-influenced tone Uzi is known for. The song is a great representation of her sound vocally and what she can offer sonically, as it shows she can make really catchy melodies easily with comprising on her lyrics or delivery.

Pipe It Up [Prod. 1stClass] - The second track of the project ‘Pipe It Up’ is a well-rounded song that consists of a brighter and busier beat in comparison to the first track. The song which is produced by 1stClass has a colourful romantic feel to it with its bright strings, brass and eclectic pad melodies that are fused well with a subtle trap drum pattern that incorporates a soothing bass melody.

Litty, herself takes quite a retrospective and motivational approach to the verse of this track, keeping the focus of her lyrics based on her ambition and mindset. Litty perfectly matches the mood of the instrumental with her tone being as bright as the melodies of the dramatic instrumental and her harmonised lyrics being in-line with the general feel of the beat. The song in general has a contrasting mood to the first track and contains a much lighter and brighter nature to it, showing Litty’s capability of putting together well-rounded song.

Shooting [Prod. Wynter] - Shooting is the third song on the project and I feel like Litty really gets into her element on this track, as she creates a soft romantic trap ballad that could easily be a hit with the right exposure. On this track which is produced by Wynter, the romantic plucks, piano melodies and soft chords play into Litty’s favour, as she manoeuvres melodically through the beat entering cadences that share similar characteristics to a more R&B sound that subsequently creates a very smooth vibe for the song as a whole.

The track which starts off with an amazing chorus that I think has all the elements for proper club anthem is sweet and fuses well with the romantic vibes from the beat. The verse which only gets better as the songs as the song progresses, makes it very obvious that the soft drum pattern and sweet melodies provided by Wynter has really put Litty in her zone, as she rotates from one catchy cadence to another which are served along with passionate lyrics you could catch yourself singing along to after the first few listens. Personally, this is one of my favourite tracks off this project, Litty creates such an R&B influenced trap banger without sounding too emotional or melodically played out, you can hear the comfort and confidence in her sound through her delivery and overall approach to the track.

It would be interesting to see a few more collaborations between Wynter and Litty, as they both provided great elements to this song, from Wynter’s percussion and melodic work to Litty’s addictive vocal flows and harmonies, this is one of those songs you could see creating a vibe in a party environment or that could sit perfectly in the playlist made for them Netflix and chill moments.

Messy [Prod. 1stClass x Sammy Safari x Slim McGraw] - Messy, which is the last track on the project, serves as somewhat of an outro, the instrumental on this has a darker yet chill tone and focuses on themes of a more positive and forward-thinking perspective. The song which is produced by 1stClass, Sammy Safari & Slim McGraw has very mellow pads and soft synth melodies that are laced with an intense bass drum that puts you in a chilled trance as soon as it hits.

This is one of the more hard-hitting instrumentals on the project, however this proves as no challenge for Litty as she confidently floats over the instrumental once again rotating between her rapid flow attacking the beat with sharp wordplay and delivery, to more a softer melodic and spacious flow to fit the mood of parts of her lyrics. The song serves a perfect round up to the tape and contains all the necessary elements of a mellow outro that would ideal for a late night drive or a laid-back atmosphere where people would want something to chill and vibe out.

The project ‘Flows 4 the Wait’ from Litty, is a great insight into her musical abilities, potential and has a lot of indicators to her becoming a prominent artist in the near future. Her sound is very unique to herself and is not as comparable to many artists within the scene, aside from a slight overlap in rapping style between her and Lil Uzi, Litty, however, embraces a very different approach to her sound sonically. While the project has only 4 tracks, it still provides a soundtrack for a variety of moods, with Shooting and New Flow being a personal favourite that will definitely be on repeat for the next few months, be sure to check out the project below and also follow Litty on her socials.




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