VIOL-ENT's Pick 4: Jacemasters, Tiapa, Moss, Incandescent

Week four of our Sunday spinoff to T.O.T.D., VIOL-ENT's Pick 4! As always every Sunday we will choose four random artists and one of their songs to be put on display! We're constantly finding gems and it only makes sense to showcase all the talent we can find all over the world. The pick four will also have features from guest bloggers, artists, and avid fans of VIOL-ENT every once in a while so expect various genres and styles of music! Without further introduction here is this weeks pick 4:

JACEMASTERS - LULLABY - Back again on the Pick 4 list is none other than Jacemasters! The 15 year old from Michigan dropped another deep banger yesterday and we're nothing short of impressed. The tune is super bass heavy but not over bearing, coupled with a calming moody, & solid drum arrangement - its simply beautiful. This time we see Jace flex a flip with some pitched down vocals, filling the track perfectly; also surprising us at the end with a short and sweet chopped & screwed edition of the entire track. We're expecting to see quite a few new tunes rolling out soon so be on the look out for new music from Jace on his soundcloud!

TAIPA - MOURING DOVE - If you're looking for a strong & soulful vocal presence, you should start with Taipa this week. Taipa is able to push some serious vocals on an purposely off-beat tune, Produced by one of our favourites "arctkt.". There really is no comparison to a popular artist that we can name with Tiara, but thats what makes her unique and separate her voice form the rest. We've got our ears locked into her soundcloud, and you can be sure she'll be featured on the blog again soon!

MOSS - HOTEL REMIX - This one, this one is mental. Moss music out of Toronto, Canada, laid down a serious flip on Kid Ink's Hotel. The arrangement on this one alone gives its umph, besides the perfect mix & master. Moss produces some seriously dope hits, and one thing we noticed is he's only releasing work in doses. This formula works for Moss because seriously only drops quality work, every single time. We're going to get a deeper look into Moss very soon so enjoy all the music he has to offer now - you will not regret the decision.

INCANDESCENT - AFTERGLOW REMIX - Another Toronto native on this weeks Pick 4 is Incandescent, with a seriously dope remix on Wilkinson's Afterglow. Its hard to attempt a remix to a tune that not only a classic, but has be remixed amazingly for some years now. Incandescent lives up to the task and delivers an amazing rendition to the classic. keep this tune in your rotation this week when you need to sit and get something done it'll be perfect! We're ready for Incandescent to light up some more new tunes, and as always keep locked into VIOL-ENT for the best and latest in the underground!


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