VIOL-ENT's Pick 4: Miggo, Emzhi ☁, diejon, DELAY

Week seven of our T.O.T.D. spinoff, VIOL-ENT's Pick 4! As always we will choose four random artists and one of their songs to be put on display every week! We're constantly finding gems and it only makes sense to showcase all the talent we can find all over the world. The pick four will also have features from guest bloggers, artists, and avid fans of VIOL-ENT every once in a while - so expect various genres and styles of music! Without further introduction here is this weeks pick 4:

Miggo - Servants - First off on this weeks Pick 4 is VIOL-ENT artist, Miggo. From his latest tape "From The Mud" we've chosen Servants, as its one of our favourite tunes. Midge painstakingly goes through his various sounds and re-works arrangements until its perfect all the time. This finesse shows throughout all his productions, always setting the bar higher and higher. Be sure to also listen to and download Miggo's entire EP "From The Mud" via his artist page!

Emzhi ☁ - Rust - This is the first time Emzhi ☁ is on our Pick 4, but we've been paying close attention to him. His unique style immediately drew us into his music. Emzhi ☁ only has 3 tracks out to date that we know of, but we're confused as to why this is. His productions are all excellent, but then again excellence takes time. Take your time Emzhi ☁, but please give the people what they want and that more amazing tunes!

diejon - %%% - Diejon was recently featured in a Pick 4 some time ago with his first tune "+++". Now with his second release "%%%" we're gearing up for whats to come. His flexed his talents with more melodic Trap in his first release, but this one just bangs. As soon as we heard this release we hit our bass face 's and proceeded to throw elbows. Dijon is onto something and we're waiting of this latest to come!

DELAY - Hype Remix - DELAY is honestly something else. This one was an instant add to the Pick 4 line up for obvious reasons. Aside form perfectly remixing Drake's 'Hype', we feel even without the vocals this would have given us the same affect. DELAY takes your speakers and ears for a ride you won't forget with this one. The orchestral elements mixed with the heavy 808's is something to love, and something is masterful at arranging. Be sure to check DELAY out on soundcloud for more heat!


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