VIOL-ENT's Pick 4: Nick Racz, Nox, Velvet Society, 404

Week six spinoff to T.O.T.D., VIOL-ENT's Pick 4! This week we're highlighting some of the talent we have on our squad. VIOL-ENT has quite a few artists and creatives on the team that do quite a few thing's. As we will introduce you to more and more of our family, today we're focusing on 4 you may have heard of. These 4 have been quite active recently dropping songs weekly through us directly, and various other channels. Hard work pays off, and these 4 have proved that they're here for the long haul, and ready to work their way to the top.

NICK RACZ - BLOW IT ALL - Nick Racz is one of VIOL-ENT's latest entries to the team, but is continuing to grow - fast. The hip-hop artist remains true to the original roots of the genre. Focused on lyricism Racz is constantly raising his personal level, only focused on bettering himself rather than focus on competition. A true student of the game we know Racz is on the way to becoming one of the coolest lyricists out, keep and ear out!

NOX - DREAM - The young gunner of the team is NOX, young but filled with talent. Its only been a few months since NOX joined but he's been making moves at an incredible pace. In about 4 months he's already made an impact on the Trap community, with interest from various other labels & collectives. This isn't to be taken lightly, as he's constantly proving why he deserves the attention he wants...speaking with the music and not his words.

VELVET SOCIETY - NOW THAT YOU'RE HERE - Velvet Society is a name you've heard of for sure if you've been keep up with us. He remains to be one of the most active members of the team, with songs dropping nearly 4 or 5 days apart from each other constantly. His latest release other than the one we/re dropping on Monday, comes from the label ".wav". His signature sound continues to capture the masses, helping him repeatedly meet goals, confidently clearing benchmarks.

404 - NETFLIX - 404 is another newcomer to the VIOL-ENT family and is doing some amazing things. From getting the team featured on live radio, to constantly maxing things up with his productions - 404 is a go to person for anything and everything. With amazing production knowledge and an open imagination, 404 doesn't let invisible barriers stop the artist from making whatever, whenever seen fit.


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