Week Two of our Sunday spinoff to T.O.T.D., VIOL-ENT's Pick 4! As always every Sunday we will choose four random artists and one of their songs to be put on display! We're constantly finding gems and it only makes sense to showcase all the talent we can find all over the world. The pick four will also have features from guest bloggers, artists, and avid fans of VIOL-ENT every once in a while so expect various genres and styles of music! Without further introduction here is this weeks pick 4:


NOX - BUMBUMBUM - NOX is one of VIOL-ENT's newest additions to the team with good reason. The 15 year old producer from Toronto is a serious beast with the beats and is steadily gaining notoriety. The young threat has some of the most crisp Trap bangers we've heard and he's only learning day by day. Currently working on a few projects we won't say much more about NOX, but expect more heat very soon - and a lot of it.

STANFIELD - NERVE - Stanfield dropped a heavy trap production about 20 days ago and it's so grimy we had to include it in this weeks top 4. One thing about the young up and coming trap producers is they manage to keep it fresh and exciting. Stanfield fits into this category very well with various bangers being dropped at a growing rate. The 17 year old from Texas seems to definitely be one not to disappoint; we'll be keeping a close eye and ear on him and we suggest the same for all our VIOL-ENT lifers!

JACEMASTERS - PULSE - Yet another young talented trap producer Jacemasters provides his own flare to this weeks pick 4. With a unique sound we're sure Jace will be one of the few to slowly branch out and pioneer a new wave of trap producers. The 15 year old has a distinct way of mixing the new Future Bass style with the old and loved OG Trap style; creating depth and narrative throughout his productions. Pulse offers a variety of emotions and vibrations all within a cool 3 minutes sure to raise any heart rate.

OHHH GAWD - GOLD V22 - Featured today for his latest EP release #FreeGold5, we decided to feature one of our favourite productions off the whole project. A hard choice nonetheless seeing as Ohhh Gawd has stepped up his level yet again to provide top notch quality. Be sure to check out the full article on Ohhh Gawds' EP "#FreeGold5" HERE.


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