Week three of our Sunday spinoff to T.O.T.D., VIOL-ENT's Pick 4! As always every Sunday we will choose four random artists and one of their songs to be put on display! We're constantly finding gems and it only makes sense to showcase all the talent we can find all over the world. The pick four will also have features from guest bloggers, artists, and avid fans of VIOL-ENT every once in a while so expect various genres and styles of music! Without further introduction here is this weeks pick 4:

VELVET SOCIETY - DYSTOPIA - VIOL-ENT artist Velvet Society dropped a huge dubstep production a few days ago that we had to feature. We've been plugging his music from the start with good reason, he is constantly elevating his game. Defining his signature sound track by track, with many more productions tucked away - this is Velvet Society in peak form. We've said so much about Velvet Society in the past few weeks that we're just going to let the productions speak for us.

ARCTKT. - THOUGHTS - arctkt. is an artist we stumbled on this week and we're throughly impressed. The producer from Zürich does a masterful job putting together his abstract productions, and is dropping heat in waves. The sheer amount of work going into panning, structure, and just sound design alone is not to be overlooked in the slightest. arctkt. is rising and we will gladly shine more light on his music, as it needs to be heard by the masses.

ULTRAVIOLET - S T A R D U S T - In our continuous search to find more great underground talent, ultraviolet shone through. Ultraviolet provides some serious bass thumping tracks on a regular basis that have kept him in our sights. With heavy video game as well as other pop culture influences in his productions, it give them a light headed feeling. We can tell ultraviolet puts soul into these productions, leaving us with a different vibration every production. Keep an eye and ear out for Ultraviolet as we're sure this is just the beginning of even more heat coming.

NOX - CHINESE GANGSTERS - Making his way back onto the Pick 4 two weeks in a row is VIOL-ENT artist NOX. Rising at an exponential rate, NOX is just beginning his journey but is already garnering a substantial buzz. With productions like "Chinese Gangsters" under his belt its clear as to why this is happening. This tune is as grimy as ever, and is due for an extension very soon that we can't wait to drop. Find out why NOX is heating up by heading over to his soundcloud A.S.A.P!!!


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