VIOL-ENT's Pick 4: Velvet Society, FVCKDIVMONDS, Krayysh, Ted Jasper

Introducing our Sunday spinoff to T.O.T.D., VIOL-ENT's Pick 4! Every Sunday we will choose four random artists and one of their songs to be put on display! We're constantly finding gems and it only makes sense to showcase all the talent we can find all over the world. The pick four will also have features from guest bloggers, artists, and avid fans of VIOL-ENT every once in a while so expect various genres and styles of music! Without further introduction here is this weeks pick 4:

Prince Royce - Corazon Sin Cara (Velvet Society Flip) - VIOL-ENT Artist Velvet Society released a smooth trap flip of "Corazon Sin Cara" by Prince Royce yesterday and we're loving it. Velvet continues to provide beautifully melodic tracks, and consistently pumping them up at a high rate never skimping on the quality. This track definitely continues his reign within the Trap genre, further defining his signature sound while complementing the chosen vocals. This release is already heating up and we encourage everyone to have it on constant rotation!

Heartbreak Ft. TeszMillan (FVCKDIVMONDS REMIX) - No stranger to us at VIOL-ENT, FVCKDIVMONDS has found himself in the large sea that is electronic producers. Opening his horizons to house and its subgenera, FVCKDIVMONDS has since pumped out some serious hits. With an old school house remix his latest release Heartbreak is nothing shy of greatness. Providing luxurious 90's house vibes this track is sure to have any music lover singing along and kicking a 2-step. We're watching DIVMONDS and can't wait for his next release to surface, we at VIOL-ENT would also like to extend a very happy birthday to DIVMONDS today as he passes another rotation around the sun!

Cloud 12 - Krayysh - After a short hiatus Toronto Artist Krayysh dropped a seriously cool and glitchy tune two months ago, and its catching a well deserved buzz. As of right now not much is known about Krayysh due to his strong will to create his own sound and footprint within the electronic music scene; but we can assure you he will be on a steady rise as more of his projects are released. Krayysh is one of the artists we're really on the lookout for as the demos we've heard from him are superb, we feel he can only grow within Toronto and the worlds music scene. Keep up with krayysh by following him on soundclound and various other social media!

Put In The Dark - Ted Jasper (F.T Abbie Piper) - Ted Jasper appears to be a young lad from Cornwall, UK and thats all we could currently find out about him. What we do know is he is releasing some of the smoothest House & experimental songs we've heard recently. He has also been picking up steam and relaxing more songs, more consistently, and constantly switching his style. We're keeping up with Ted and we feel you should do the same, this kid is going somewhere - fast.


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