VIOL-ENT's Pick 4: Week 5 Chosen By Velvet Society

Week five spinoff to T.O.T.D., VIOL-ENT's Pick 4! As always we're focused on highlighting our favourite tracks to get you through the week. This week we have our first guest Pick 4 from VIOL-ENT Artists Velvet Society, a budding producer within the world of bass music! This week Velvet has chosen some of his favourite gems, and of course they all bang. Without further introduction here's this weeks Pick 4!

DIMEBAG - THINGS & SUCH FLIP - TJ continually impresses me with his musical prowess and his remix of Things and Such is no exception. With a lush sub bass and vocals to match, TJ delivers an ethereal experience everyone should hear at least once.

K?D - HAPPY REMIX - Who's k?d? Well, we don't know but we're blasting this remix everyday and are all extremely happy he exists. From his beautifully written chord progressions to the huge Progressive/Future Bass hybrid drops k?d continues to raise the bar for every producer out there.

YOOK!E - EEK - Alright guys, This is an oldie but a goodie. I remember the first time I heard this live and I went insane. YOOK!E always delivers with insane sound design and mind boggling drops and EEk is no exception. They've since began to slowly move away from their old roots, but still delivers with with everything we love from this track.

HOLLY & SUMTHIN SUMTHIN - ISOLATION - Everyone knows who Holly is now. Anytime we listen to a track by him whether it be collabs or solo tracks we feel disoriented.. but in a good way, if that makes any sense. His unique style caters to any bass head looking for heat and Isolation is one of those tracks that'll leave you begging for more. Keep an eye out for Holly because you never know when he's gonna flex next.


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