VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive: Enthral - APEX

Today marks the release of our second official VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive! Every Sunday from now till whenever we will be dropping an exclusive track from one of our many talented artists signed to VIOL-ENT Records. Todays release comes from one of the longest standing members in VIOL-ENT history, Enthral. Although his producer name has changed, the man him self Laethan has yet to change his drive. His music consistently gets better as he evolves his talent, and expands his production knowledge.

Apex is another nod to his past works under the name "Velvet Society" with its heavy Future Bass intro, only to shock the listener at the drop. Enthral continues to demonstrate he will not be locked into a box when it comes to genres. This hybrid track instantly grabs your attention & emoting with the sway from genre to genre; showcasing his talent to draw from sleeve influences and blend them together seamlessly. We are proud to say this is one of Enthrals' best works to date, you will not be disappointed!

Check in every Sunday for a new exclusive track from the team at VIOL-ENT! Also, make sure to give Enthral a follow on his social platforms below & check out last weeks Exclusive!




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