VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive: Raynadayz - Ok Cool. [EP]

This weeks Sunday exclusive is a little different form our regular. Throughout recent weeks we've been giving away singles, more specifically singles representative of each VIOL-ENT artist that is currently working on a project. The first artist to emerge with her debut project is none other than, Raynadayz. The 14 year old singer, songwriter, and producer is one of the most recent signees to the VIOL-ENT Records family. Her talent, passion, and emotions run throughout all of her creative ventures - and "Ok Cool." is no exception. Diving into some of her deepest emotions, Rayna has left everything on the table with the subject matter of this EP. The lyrics are sure to speak to any listener, providing insight to her life, or relation to ours. We're positive you will enjoy this journey as much as we have, and with no further introduction we're proud to bring you: Raynadayz - Ok Cool.



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Album Credits:

Executive Producers: Rayna Simone Frayji, Raynadayz, Andrew Blair, DJ iTubz

Writers: Rayna Simone Frayji, Nick Raczywolski, Micha Byrnes, Raynadayz, Bad Habiits, Nick Racz

Producers: Rayna Simone Frayji, Bad Habiits, Raynadayz

Artwork: The Seventh Station, Sandy Tang, Andrew Blair


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