VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 58: Miink - Who Are You (Finch Fetti Remix)

WHO ARE YOU - When Finch Fetti submuitted his track for Sunday Exclusive, we wern't expecting to get this vibe at all. Granted we can hardly ever guess what Finch will bring next, but this time we were completely caught off gaurd, and instantly fell in love. Not only has the London producer added his style to this remix in a new way, but his A&R skill has now put another UK artist on our rdar, Miink. The original song showcases Miink's beautiful voice with his ability to hit a smooth falsetto that we could listen to for hours, witch an open and spacy type of beat that carries into a strong drop - all written and produced by Miink himself. Finch Fetti has taken this smoooth song and given it some extra spice, his high hat and drum combos always please and this time it's no different. We've honestly had this on repeat since it touched our e-mail, and we know our listners will have similar sentiments. We urge you all to go follow and check out more from Miink aas we'll be repoting on him in the near future, and keep it locked to VIOL-ENT for all the latest from the don Finch Fetti!







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