VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 59: Bad Habiits - Insane

INSANE - The mind of VIOL-ENT Artist Bad Habiits is truly something crazy, with no pun intended. The sheer amount of emotion his music evokes is always admired by us and his regular fans. It feels as if no matter what we're going through, he's able to produce something that you can feel his exact emotions, channel the music to your own, or simply fade back into a past occurrence in your life. Insane is no different by any means, and its captured something within us that we can't shake. The song immediately put you into a trance with its chord progressing, followed by his signature rhythmic & deep kicks, only to hit you with a switch up when it comes to the perc's and hi-hats. It' turns something that you thought would be all the way chill, into a tune that is "grooveable", something that you can still dance to and be free with. As the song progresses, Habiits surprises the listener with another switch but within the same realm of the song, creating an almost out of body experience. It's truly as if everything you're feeling and thinking disappears, making you look outside of your situation, only to be brought back to reality within the last few bars. a masterpiece in every sense of the word, and we're sure all out VIOL-ENT lifers will feel this one the way we have at HQ. For more amazing music from our artists, and all the latest on Bad Habiits be sure to all have an eye on VIOL-ENT, peace.





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