VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 65: Bad Habiits - Mental

MENTAL - Bad Habiits is becoming more and more visable as he has recently chosen to dfrop a complete album, something we feel is long overdue, but somehow coming at the prefect time. The VIOL-ENT artist has been showing so many side to him with is production and its always hard to pinpoint where he'll take things next, and with the release of this latest single "Mental" things are no different. the imcculate style of Bad Habiits always speaks to us as it always finds a way to hit the listener when they never expected it. His ability to paint vid pictures with just instrumentals is always captivating, evoking similar emotionss in the listerner as he felt them while making the track. Mental is soothiing, short & sweet, but still gives off a high energy...something truly mental. This is clearly just a taste of whats to come bfore his offical release date in June & we honestly cant wait to hear what he'll bring to the table. For more anout the phenom Bad Habiits, the latest in underground music, and all things VIOL-ENT keep it locked right here!


Bad Habiits:



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