VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 66: Raynadayz - Survivor

Survivor - Amid some random hype around Rayandayz in some past weeks, we bring you a sample of what's to come. Survivor is a stand-alone single by VIOL-ENT's number one singer herself, and brings promise for the hype that is, "Raynadayz Returns". Survivor by Rayna is a completely new song and direction than we've seen Rayna take ever before, but with key elements, we've come to love from the artist. Blending her soulful voice and original way of riding a beat shes made, comes a rendition with paid homage to Destiny's Child. Mashing the well-known chorus up with her own verses made thing single something to be excited about, only hinting towards whats to come May 15th. Although we won't mention too much about what's to come May 15th, we can assure all fans of Raynadayz that you won't want to miss this...Raynadayz truly returns next week. Be ready.





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