VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 67: Bad Habiits - Ok, Cool

OK, COOL - Bad Habiits does it again with another stunning Sunday Exclusive release titled 'Ok, Cool.". Habiits has been on a vibe of just releasing music that speaks to him from his heart and soul, rather than getting caught up in play numbers, and the other workings that artists now so often lose their passion too. he's been crafting amazing music some hard to be labeled in one genre, and others that break the mold of the clear-cut genre they are. "Ok, Cool." is a dance record, but it just feels so airy and unpretentious than most. Do ing away with a huge build up to drop the song, it simply floats into the amazing mesmerizing vibe that is the record. Engaging the listener at first listen with what could be confused with a clipping effect on the right channel, but is simply there for effect. The tune breaks down halfway, giving the feeling that its all over then quickly switches to a revamped version of the original melody with a more upbeat and faster vibe. This is easily some of Habiits best work as he continues to find himself as a producer, making a sound like no other, and putting a stamp on what the future holds for him and any genre he touches. For more from the mind of Bad Habiits, and music from the underground, always keep it locked to VIOL-ENT.


Bad Habiits:



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