VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 70: Nick Racz - Mama What's Good [Prod. Jasepi Kicks]

MAMA WHAT'S GOOD - VIOL-ENT's lone rapper and lyrical craftsman Nick Racz is back nearly a month after the release of the track "Cell Phone Troubles", and he's in his bag with this latest single. "Mama What's Good" gives us a reminder of the old Racz from when he first started, but with the obvious improvements. His beat selection was superb with a Classical/Jazz sampled masterpiece from producer Jasepi Kicks, giving the track a summer vibe that you call roll around in your old-school low rider too. This time his subject matter elevates some things mentioned in Cell Phone Troubles, highlighting his pen game, bravado, and getting out of the slump he was in when it came to music. Still, as visceral as ever, Racz with the bars never disappoints, creating an even bigger divide with these new-school mumble rapper & Trap only artists. He continues to show us that there is still room for lyrical rappers, and there are younger ones on the come up to the likes of J Cole, and veterans like Curren$y - truly a breath of fresh air to kick back with and soak in the pen game. What we're not used to is Racz giving mention to what could be a new "Shordy" (Woman of interest) in his life, but this could all very well be a double entendre to the rap game itself. We'll be running this one all summer and can't wait for the latest project the kid is working on right now, this one is a certified hit VIOL-ENT Lifer's. For more on the phenom Nick Racz 7 everything from the underground music scene, keep it locked into VIOL-ENT!


Nick Racz:



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