VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 76: Finch Fetti x Bad Habiits - I Know A Place

I Know A Place - This week our VIOL-ENT Sunday exclusive comes from no other than two of our most abstract producers FInch Fetti & Bad Habiits. On their own FInch Fetti & Bad Habiits each create music with such a different style it was hard to picture what they would be able to collaborate on. Finch is known for his amazing production for various rappers, upbeat trap originals, & unorthodox remixes all with a UK garage flow. Where Finch's music can be seen as more a marketable commercial sound, his style is what separates him from his counterpart on this song as well as any formidable artist out there within the same genre. On the flip side, Bad Habiits is really known for everything unorthodox. Habiits style holds zero boundaries as he's never made something of the same style, & when working within the same genre he will always throw something new at us.

These two worlds collide with "I Know A Place", where unorthodox meets structure and The UK meets LA. Fetti & Habiits truly flex their weight with this original from sound design to the arrangement as a whole. We have Fetti's signature vocal sample cuts mixed in with Habiits insatiable need to flip a song on its head every 16 bars. The garage influence from Fetti is so apparent and appreciated for the western electronic lovers, eloquently mixed with the laid back chill LA style that Habiits has incorporated. WHere we would have never automatically put these two artists together, their chemistry is like no other on the label. They can make something utterly creepy, and then easily switch to something upbeat and happy like "I Know A Place".

Be prepared to hear more from the two amazing VIOL-ENT artists, as FInch Fetti will be featured on another ill tune for Bad Habiits forthcoming album release. Also be ready for a lot more FInch Fetti coming soon with Nick Racz & a few solo & collaborative projects coming very soon! For everything else VIOL-ENT and from the underground, Be sure to keep it locked into VIOL-ENT!

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