VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 86: Nick Racz - PAID! (Prod. By Fuhrer Cris)

Week 86's VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive is from VIOL-ENT Artist Nick Racz, titled "PAID!". The single produced by Fuhrer Cris has a smooth bop to it right from the jump, mixed with Racz's intoxicating and catchy chorus, this one instantly grabs the listener inducing an easy groove. Racz shows an excellent use of contrast throughout the whole song, keeping true to his roots with bars while keeps them light. Then drawing the listener back into swing right before the chorus with a heavier trap like vibe. While fans know Racz has only given them a few club/party type records;l his latest string of releases all fit the current sound of today even more, but his edge remains sharp when it comes to the pen. He's seemed to have found his sounds and bridged the gap, amazing catchy choruses, with bars light to heavy when need. PAID! is also a streaming debut exclusive that you can find on all your favorite platforms HERE, or by clicking "download track" ion the player below. For more from Nick Racz and all new music from the underground, keep updated with VIOL-ENT daily!





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