VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 90: Finch Fetti - Found You

Crazy, that's all there is to say about this release, but let's elaborate. Week 90's VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive is from the UK phenom, VIOL-ENT Artist FInch Fetti. Titled "Found You", Fetti flips Zoe Cartier's song Changes, an absolute heater in its own regard - lending its hand to this wild reconstruction. UK Garage is the vibe for this one, a genre we hear less and less of in the western part of the world, but this is a reminder of its sheer depth and ability to increase one's mood instantly. Fetti uses his genius when it comes to cutting and sampling the original track in a way that brings the listener back to the early days of a Daniel Bedingfield's "I Gotta Get Through This". Coupled with precise perc and key arrangement this single, simple put, hits and satisfies all areas that make an amazing UK Garage track what it is. FOr more From Fetti & all things from the underground, keep up with the VIOL-ENT Life right here.





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