VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 91: HI-PER - Rabbit Hole


This week, our Sunday exclusive comes from an artist we’ve introduced to you here just a few weeks ago, Hi-Per. Perfect for a spooky time in the month as we’re days away from Halloween, its only fitting the latest single ”Rabbit Hole” sets such a dark spooky vibe. Rabbit Hole was the second single we heard from Hi-Per and we knew we had to showcase her singles as soon as she gets them done. Starting off with great use of spacing and a contrast of light and creepy sounds to set a vibe. As the song builds lulling the listener into some kind of false sense of security, we are met with a wall of bass minus the cheesy 1/2 step breakdown we hear all the time. It was refreshing, as the bass built leading back to that security again, truly taking the listens for a ride. Continuing to build to now what we expect from the song, but have come to love and that's the grimy bassline that inducing a skankin 2-step. A true journey down the rabbit hole.

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