VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive • Week 92: Finch Fetti - Secrets

TThis Weeks VIOL-ENT Sunday Exclusive comes from none other than VIOL-ENT Artist, Finch Fetti. Feti is a wizard when it comes to vocal sampling and slicing by all means. His ability to mix and match samples from obscure sources and raw unhinged talent in the world, while meshing it with any genre or style he sees fit creates something of beauty every time.The single "Secrets" echoes these statements as Finch yet again flexes a beautiful UK Garage composition with LO-Fi vibes. As the song begins the sample whispers elegantly, as the Hi-hat sneaks into the mix it would lead the listener to believe this could be a Trap song. Lulled into a falsehood thinking this song would be something it's not, the drop introduces the relaxed Garage drumline. Weaving in extra perks to give the added bop that you didn't know you needed. Thorough all the way through and a bubbly to the ears, Secret's out and this ion you have to know.For more from Finch Fetti, VIOL-ENT Artists, & more music from the underground; be sure to keep up with the VIOL-ENT Life right here





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