VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Ace - Flexed Up Shawty [Prod. Dinesstro]

Flexed Up Shawty - Today’s track of the day comes from Queen’s native Ace, whose track ‘Flexed up Shawty’ is a certified banger. The beat which is provided by Dinesstro incorporates a very futuristic and spacey sounding pad that is laced with some aggressive bouncy trap drums that will have you with a screw face after a couple seconds into the song.

The instrumental which only has a handful of sounds creates enough energy and bounce for Ace to effortless layer the beat with a very laid back cadence and flow. The theme of the track which should be obvious from the title is Ace’s musical presentation of flexing and levelling up on his surroundings while displaying the harsh realities of the change in dynamics to his lifestyle.

Ace, whose rapping style I could align with a wave of East Coast & Midwest artists such as ATM, Zoe Cartier & Shafi, who all seem to sonically share the same characteristics as Harlem legend Max B, whereas they seem to blur the lines between slurring, singing and rapping their lyrics. Ace, like the artist mentioned above, vocalise their tracks with a very lazy, smooth, melodic yet monotone delivery, balancing this with sharp confident flows, witty word plays and blunt lyrics to keep the listener indulged during the listening experience and also giving the song a very unique sound.

The combination of the spacey yet aggressive Dinesstro bouncy trap beat and Ace’s laid-back vocal tones and brash lyrics will definitely have you in a turn't yet chilled trance. The song’s hypnotic chorus also makes for a perfect soundtrack to start off your morning while maintaining a vibe that would be perfect for a house party or club environment. Be sure to check out the track below.





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