VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Ace - Wonder Year (Everybody Wants To Rule The World) [Prod. Jouce Money]

Wonder Year (Everybody Wants To Rule The World) - The track ‘Wonder Year’ from Queens native Ace is a powerful anthem, which has a great message behind it. The Jouce Money produced song has a mellow and unique sample loop behind it, which is covered in a trap-influenced drum rhythm that gives the song an infectious bounce you can’t help but move too.

The instrumental as a whole is quite simplistic yet effective as it allows the listeners to focus on the words and lyrics that Ace is emphasising over the soft instrumentation. The subtleness of the beat is perfectly matched with Ace’s topic of conversation and his laidback flow and cadence.

Throughout this track Ace embraces a motivational, retrospective and ambitious driven message with his lyrical content, affirming and putting energy behind his potential and drive to reach greatness. I feel this one of Ace’s more insightful songs, where he lets listeners into his mindset and determination, dropping a bunch of quotable and impactful one-liners that would resonate deeply with listeners who also have a level of ambition and success they are trying to achieve. Ace executes this theme well and still maintains to keep the vibe of the song interesting and catchy with his charismatic delivery and cadence, which I have previously compared to that of Harlem artist Max B.

In this song Ace’s laid-back and humble speaking like rap tone slightly reminded of the way UK artist Mike Skinner (from The Streets) would rap his lyrics as though he was having a conversation, however throughout certain points within the track Ace combines this with melodic flows and harmonies that further instilled the soft and mellow vibe of the song as a whole.

This is a definitely a big tune from Ace and further solidfies his diverse ability at not only making a track you can catch a vibe too but a song you can also use as your daily soundtrack to accomplishing goals and aspirations. Be sure to check out the track below as well as his newest release ‘Beach Wedding’ and his track 'On Fairfax', which are two other personal favourites.



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