VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Andrew Tran - I Was a Ghost Last Year ft SEBii

I Was a Ghost Last Year - Today’s track of the day comes from artist Andrew Tran, whose track ‘I Was a Ghost Last Year ‘from his recent project Pastels is a well-infused pop-rock influenced trap anthem.

The track which features artist SEBii is bright and bubbly, yet still maintains a very emotional vibe and atmospheric feeling with the vocals provided by both artists.

The instrumental for this track contains a lot of elements from rock, pop and trap music, with the colourful pluck sounding melodies, harsh guitar synths, and very busy trap drums, provided for a perfect canvas for both Andrew and SEBii to execute their melodic vocals on.

SEBii, who takes on the chorus part of the song, finds perfect pockets of the instrumental to manically attack as he manipulates his vocals between rapping and singing in a variety of cadences and tones to create a unique vibe for each lyric he recites. Andrew approaches the verse’s on the song taking a much laid back and relaxed cadence to compliment the already energetic instrumental while he sings passionately about his currents predicaments, ambitions, and surroundings.

The song overall has a very upbeat vibe which is infused with a bunch of melodic sounds that would be perfect for a club/ party environment, where a catchy yet intense song would be needed to get listeners and party goers moving. Be sure to check out the track below as well as Andrew’s project 'Pastels'.

Andrew Tran:




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