VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: ATM - Bag [Prod. Cor Blanco]

Bag - Today’s track of the day comes from an artist that goes by the name of ATM. This guy here is special and very different in his style, which is clearly defined on his track ‘Bag’.

The track which is produced by Cor Blanco (a producer who you should definitely keep an eye out for this year), starts off with a bright but mellow melody that bears resemblance to background music you could imagine hearing on a Nintendo video game. The catchy melody is blended with a simple drum pattern which incorporates a choppy hi-hat rhythm that gives the instrumental a unique bounce.

ATM, who alternates between a choppy flow and a more full sounding flow, uses the song to give you an insight into his mind frame, lifestyle and his current perception of himself while making the bulk of his topic of conversation revolved around the bag. The minimal yet vibrant instrumental provides the perfect canvas for ATM to attack different pockets of the beat, switching flows every 8-16 bars. ATM’s raspy unemotional monotone sound which is a contrast to the happy eclectic vibe of the instrumental gives the song a very unique sound and puts frequent co-collaborators ATM and Cor Blanco in a lane of their own. This is something that is very apparent as soon ATM recites the catchy chorus “you see the bag is different”.

I may get crucified for saying this, but I believe ATM's sound has very similar characteristics to that of artists like Fabolous & Cam’ron, who both respectively adopt a lazier laid back speaking cadence and rarely put a lot of high energy into the delivery of their raps, however they balance this with interesting flows and witty ear-catching lyrics that leave the listener either intrigued or impressed. This is something that ATM incorporates well throughout this song.

This track as a whole just seems to fit all moods, whether you need a track for your gym playlist or something to chill and vibe too, this song is served best with most scenarios...please pay attention to ATM and Cor Blanco who I predict will both have a very prominent music career. Be sure to check out the track below.



Cor Blanco:


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