VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Avix - 4 A.M. [Prod. Genesis x 808trel x Falsecut x Lil Ced]

4 A.M. - Today’s track of the day comes from Ohio based artist Avix, whose track ‘4 A.M’ is a captivating banger that listeners could vibe too and easily resonate with.

The track which is produced by Genesis, 808trel, Falsecut and Lil Ced, is layered in an emotionally dramatic sounding piano loop that perfectly enhances Avix vocal melodies and cadences throughout the song. A huge portion of the composition is laced with a menacing yet hypnotizing trap drum pattern and 808 sub-bass that really helps elevate the song and brings together a fusion of sounds, giving the track a very Emo Rock and Trap influenced feel. Overall the production of this track is phenomenal.

Avix who serves as basically a vocal instrument to this track sings with such intensity and passion, yet contrasts this style of singing with a slurred monotone type delivery and cadence and is something I could only compare to that of Kid Cudi’s distinctive sound.

With the current rise in the popularization of this sound that people have now coined ‘Sad Boy Trap’, it can be quite difficult to find quality artists that represent this over-saturated sound accurately. However, with tracks like 4 A.M., it is clear to see that artists like Avix are finding a genuine way to musically express themselves in a manner that authentically resonates with listeners, creating unique tracks that have the ability to stand out and cut through the noise of music being put out in the scene today.

I've been seeing Avix’s name pop up more and more, and with songs like 4 A.M. he is certainly on his way to becoming a huge name within the music scene. We hope to hear more from him in the future and will be keeping an ear out for his new releases. Be sure to the check out the track below.









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