VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: D Hustler – Trenches [Prod. 1kLowKey]

Trenches - London native D Hustler provides today’s track of the day. with his song ‘Trenches’ which is a perfect fusion of a US Trap beat and a UK vocalist, as it incorporates sonics from both sides of the world and creates a very unique vibe.

The instrumental which is produced by 1kLowKey maintains a manic yet eclectic organ sounding chord progression that is layered with some bouncy hard hitting trap drums and percussion which gives the instrumental a very modern yet quirky vibe. The instrumental which is kept very simple on the melodic side leaves the required space necessary for D Hustler to dominate the vibe of the whole song with his very distinctive sound, flow, and delivery. The instrumental in itself has a very US vibe to it, as sonically it has all the elements for beats that would be associated with artists like Rich The Kid or Playboi Carti, however, D Hustler who has very distinctive British accent and tone within his voice gives a very different approach to this sound.

As mentioned above, D Hustler has a very captivating and unique sound which I could only draw references to that of legendary UK artist Mike Skinner (The Streets), whose delivery and flow maintained a very mellow unemotional speaking like cadence. This is something I found quite similar with D Hustler’s sound however he executes this over a much more brighter sounding instrumental, giving a very different energy with his wordplay and lyrical content as he focuses on more street oriented themes and displays a great ability at using minimal words to paint a vivid picture of his state of mind and lifestyle.

D Hustler definitely filled this track with a bunch of great quotable one-liners with is very honest and brash lyrics but yet still provided a club banger feel with the song's insanely catchy chorus and flow. The track shows his ability to create club type anthems that could get a party moving while maintaining good lyrical content and delivery with his chilled laid-back cadence and flow. Be sure to check out the track below as well as his song ‘Way Too Trappy’, another personal favourite.


D Hustler:




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