VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: D'One - Next Up S1E19 [Prod. The Brigade]

Next Up S1E19 - Today’s track f the day is more of a freestyle instead of a full song. The freestyle which is from London artist D’One is absolutely next level, as he approaches a very intense UK drill instrumental with deep lyrics and adopts a variety of crazy melodic flow.

D’One incorporates flows that would sound best suited on a Future/Travis Scott or even a UK Afrobeats type instrumental, however, he perfectly aligns his cadence and melodic delivery to sit perfectly on this MK The Plug, M1 On The Beat, JM00 and Mika Beats drill beat. This is something that only UK artist Headie One has executed well enough to reach mainstream spotlight within the UK scene.

The instrumental which is provided by a four-man production team ‘The Brigade’ is that of something like the Avengers of producers within the UK Drill scene, with M1 On The Beat, MK The Plug, Mika Beats and JM00 all providing the sounds for D’One to flow on (If they had BKay and HL8 also on production, it would have been an all-star production team). The dark piano infused beat that incorporates sad and mellow dramatic-sounding melodies are blended with erratic drill drum patterns and fused with energetic rolling hi-hats and a menacingly aggressive 808 bass and kick. The production sound as whole shares similar characterises and comes a across more as of a fusion of both UK Grime rhythms and US Drill aesthetics and sonics.

D’One is definitely an artist that puts his passion into his craft as he doesn't just lyrically rap for the sake of dropping bars but more than often aligns his lyrical content with a deeper message and informative insight into the UK street culture. On his ‘Next Up S1E19’ freestyle D’One paints a very vivid and poetic picture of his personal motivation behind his music, the current surroundings, and environment around him, that encourages a very violent and illegal way of a life and also his determination to stay focused on achieving his ambition all while avoiding distractions and temptations that could lead to detrimental consequences.

The flow and delivery provided from D’One is a sound that I would say shares the same DNA as Future’s sound during his Monster/56 Nights mixtapes era, where he would mask painful sung lyrics and stories in vibrant melodic harmonies and cadences on a hard-hitting trap beat that would be perfect to turn up to and would more than likely leave the average listener oblivious to pain and emotion being sung about on the song.

D’One is an artist that will most likely be around for a very long time, as artists like him, Headie One & M Huncho have taken a very unique approach in the way they chose to rap on hard-hitting UK Drill and Trap beats within in the scene. This is a song that will definitely have you singing along after a few listens as the infectiously catchy flows will be stuck in your head. Be sure to check out the D’One freestyle below.



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