VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Don Sim - Peace [Prod. Don Sim]

Peace - Today’s track of the day comes from Don Sim, who delivers a very powerful track called Peace. Personally, I’m not always one for gospel-sounding music, but this track is so well produced and versed I was grateful that I came across it on GRM Daily.

Don Sim, who passionately layers the bare and bright instrumentation of the song with melodic harmonies and a rapid verse, provides such an uplifting vibe to the track, it gives it an undeniably feel-good energy you can’t help but appreciate the song as a whole.

The instrumental behind the track, which is perfect for the mood Don Sim is trying to convey on the song, is quite bare and mainly contains chops of a gospel or choir-like sample, some soft piano chords and a bouncy trap drum pattern you could easily hear Drake or even Kanye West let loose on. The combination of these sounds definitely brings out the best in Don Sim and has a captivating and refreshing essence to it, in comparison to the majority of material that is being put out in the scene today.

Don Sim layers the majority of this track with motivational and inspiring lyrics, which focus on a religious perspective of being grateful and having a peaceful mindset. The song manages to maintain a very modern and interesting sound to it, in a genre where this is quite difficult to achieve, not to mention also in a scene where uplifting and positively themed music is not usually championed.

The chorus which is minimal yet impactful brings through the perfect vibe for the track and is also ridiculously catchy it is bound to be left stuck in your head after a few listens. Be sure to check out the track ‘Peace’ below and we’ll be looking to hear more from Don Sim in the future.

Don Sim:


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