VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D.: DOPEfaceILLA - RITUVL [FT. JimmyFromEastYork & Dutch Revz]

DOPEfaceILLA - RITUVL - Mixing the West & East end of Toronto DOPEfaceILLIA collaborates with JimmyFromEastYork & Ducth Revs on an eerie & melodic track title "RITUVL". Highlighting each individuals skills while complementing each other perfectly, we were more than impressed with this new find. DOPE's lyrics remain and flow remain as gritty and indica induced as ever, shining light on darker aspects of his day to day. Jimmy bringing the original "East Yitty" (East York, Toronto, Canada) flow, showcasing bravado establishing he is not one to be tested when it comes to the art of the pen. Through out Dutch provides and very melodic chorus stay true to what the Toronto sound many have become accustomed too. Keep a look out for all three of these artists as they continue to buzz.

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