VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Geller - Link Up (Remix)

A note from Geller:

"so this last week has definitely been the worst week of my entire life. last wednesday my father suffered a heart attack and passed away at his office (age 51). my mother and i were the ones to find him dead, and it's had its toll on our family to say the least. right now our expenses and financial situation is extremely uncertain as we are unsure of our benefits and health insurance, and on top of it all have to pay for his funeral services. i will be posting another track tomorrow that i've had sitting around, and with it i will include a GOFUNDME link for our family. any money donated to the link below would mean the WORLD to us. we really need all the money we can possibly get right now because we have to pay for the services and tuition for my brother and i.i'll clean up the master on this in the next few days when i have some more time, but for now enjoy!"




Photographer: Jessica Waraich


#VIOLENT #TrackofTheDay

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