VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Geovarn – Say Less (Meanstyle 2) [Prod. Luca & S.L.M.N.]

Say Less (Meanstyle 2) - Today’s track of the day comes from London artist Geovarn and is something a bit more R&B-ish compared to what is normally posted here on Viol-Ent, but regardless of that it is still a well-rounded banger.

On the track ‘Say Less (Meanstyle 2)’, Geovarn seems to take on a Bryson Tiller esque type sound over a Roy Wood instrumental, taking the direction of the sound to a whole new level. The track which is produced by Luca & S.L.M.N. is minimalistic and contains a few elements such as soothing pads, some vocal chops and a bass-heavy drum pattern that is spacious enough for Geovarn to execute some smooth and melodic driven vocals over the track.

Geovarn captures the essence of the laidback yet intense mood of the beat, hitting pitch-perfect notes and cadences as he effortlessly sings about romantically themed topics as well as his personal come up within the scene. The latter part of the track later transitions into a more poetic rap flow, something similar to that of musical artist Wale’s recent catalogue. The intense and passionate emotions Geovarn presents on this track is perfectly expressed through his well refined and confident delivery, which instantly grabs the listener’s attention.

This track is definitely something that would appeal to female listeners due to its romantic and emotional nature but also can be appreciated by male listeners from a relatable standpoint. This song is definitely one for the Netflix and Chill playlist and would serve best for scenarios involving a romantic situation as it sets the mood for a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Be sure to check out the track below.







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