VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: GLOSS - Photoshoot (Big Mad)

Photoshoot (Big Mad) - Today’s track of the day comes from the group GLOSS, who are three J pop artists (Lil Domi, Kemi Doll & Sakura) that have provided a unique sound with their song ‘Photoshoot (Big Mad)’, which is an absolute banger.

The production of the song contains a lot of airy melodies, soft pluck and pad sounds that float over the majority of its instrumentation and is blended with a stern drum pattern that has elements of the US trap sound. The three girls in the group, who I believe is to be based out of Japan, all effortless add their own signature to the track.

GLOSS each takes turns alternating flows and heavily auto-tuned cadences over the sultry and spacey sounding production. The three rotate between their delivery, melodic flows and even language, with a great portion of the track being sung and rapped in Japanese, which as coming from an English speaking person, this did not take away from the track. Throughout the song, GLOSS incorporates a lot of soft R&B influenced tones and harmonises, that moulded greatly with their sound, especially during moments of the track that were sung in Japanese as it gave them a unique ability to bring a different vibe to the trap influenced anthem you wouldn't normally get from a US-based artists.

This track as a whole is a banger and I personally believe that the language barrier should have no negative impact to how this song is received worldwide, especially with the sudden surge in appreciation of songs from international markets such as Latin Trap, Afro-beats, UK Grime and K Pop. With that being said, this track from GLOSS shows their ability to make amazing and well rounded US Trap and R&B influenced bangers that have the potential to reach a much wider audience. Be sure to check out the track below.




Lil Domi:


Kemy Doll:




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