VIOL-ENT T.O.T.D: Jay Grande x A-Bluntz - Unlikely [Prod. A-Bluntz]

Unlikely - Today’s track of the day comes from artists Jay Grande and A-Bluntz, whose track ‘Unlikely’ is a euphoric and spacey sounding trap anthem.

The track which is also produced by A-Bluntz displays the array of talent and direction the UK scene can develop with the US-based trap sound. The instrumental, which is covered in bright warping synth and pad sounds, is perfectly layered with an abrasive high pitched 808 sub-bass and moulded together with a bouncy upbeat trap drum rhythm.

The unique aesthetic of the instrumentation is further complimented with both Jay Grande and A-Bluntz charismatic and piercing vocals, they utilise it to project their brash and arrogantly themed lyrics, further enhancing the already adrenaline-fuelled mood provided by the instrumental.

Jay’s monotone cadence and delivery go hand in hand with his distinctive and relaxed tone as he incorporates a simplistic yet mesmerizing flow that would have listeners swaying side to side as soon as he starts rapping. A-Bluntz approaches the track with a lot of confidence and energy incorporated into his lyrics and delivery. He also utilises an insanely catchy flow, which he laces with a few in your face one-liners, raising the mood of the track at specific points during his verse. A stand out for me was his line “she asked me if I’m high, I said bitch I might be”.

Unlikely is definitely a track you would want to see performed at a show or played within a party atmosphere, the bouncy instrumental and captivating flows of both rappers are two key elements that would certainly raise the level of hype and energy amongst a crowd of people within said environments. We will definitely be interested to see where Jay Grande and A-Bluntz take and further develop on this sound, as they have shown potential with this song. Be sure to check out the track below.

Jay Grande:




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